Trump Makes it Official

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By Greg C. Truax

Donald Trump makes it official.

The former president is attempting a political comeback by running for president again, in an announcement speech from Palm Beach, Florida.

“Our victory will be built upon big ideas, bold ambitions and daring dreams,” he said.

Only four presidents defeated at the polls have run again for the nation’s highest office.  Just one of those, Democrat Grover Cleveland, served two non-consecutive terms in the Oval Office.

A polarizing Trump, who energizes Democrats to vote, faces a polarized American electorate.  He would be 78 years old if elected, a lame duck president – you have to wonder if his time has passed.   

After all, Republicans have a strong bench.  Like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, age 44, who united a diverse Sunshine state with a landslide 20 point re-election victory.

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