Up-And-Coming Fashion Trends In Tampa Bay

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Born and raised in New Jersey, I’m still fairly new to the Florida fashion. Nevertheless, fashion is my passion (accidental rhyme, I swear) . . .

. . . so I’d like to say that I’ve gotten the hang of it.  Here are five different fashion trends that are becoming quite popular in Tampa Bay.


  1. Lace up front top

Although some people might think it’s trashy, I absolutely love this trend. Whether you love it or hate it, I’ve been seeing many women who have been rocking the lace up front look lately, especially at the bars. This look is quite revealing, however, when paired with minimal jewelry and the right bottoms (I recommend wearing skinny jeans), anyone can turn this look from trashy to sexy. You can usually adjust the laces, as well, so it doesn’t matter what size you are up top.

  1. Black and white striped t-shirt dress

The first time I ever saw a t-shirt dress was when Whitney Port wore it on the show, The Hills. Not only was it my favorite show on MTV, but a lot of my fashion inspiration has come from it. Although this trend isn’t super new, it seems that Tampa just recently discovered it. More specifically, I’ve noticed a lot of women wearing black and white striped t-shirt dresses. I think this trend is perfect for Florida because you can wear it year-round. They also come in long sleeve versions(as shown in the picture), so it’s great for those “colder” days.

  1. Color: Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is the new nude! Normally, I don’t recommend wearing what you drink, but this time, I can make an exception. From sandals to nail polish, this color seems to be very popular; even some celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian West, have been sporting the iced coffee color out at events. What I like about the color is that it’s neutral, yet much more eye catching than nude, due to the fact that it’s darker and not as plain looking. All this talk about iced coffee makes you wanna go to Starbucks now, doesn’t it?

  1. Cold shoulder top

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the cold shoulder top, but it’s definitely in style these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love showing off the shoulders, but that’s why they have off-the-shoulder tops. However, some women who are bulkier up top or self-conscience of their shoulders prefer this trend because it doesn’t show as much skin. Cold shoulder tops, in my opinion, aren’t flattering on women who are smaller up top(like myself) because it gives the illusion that your shoulders are smaller(making them appear bony if they’re already small).

  1. Criss cross strap shoes

We can’t forget the shoes now, can we? Whether it’s heels or flat sandals, criss cross straps are the trending new shoe style. Since I’m a 90’s baby, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wear them during this generation before. However, I have seen older pictures of people wearing them and it would seem that they have risen once again. This trend is unique, for sure; it’s definitely a nice change from plain old flip flops, which can become quite boring here in Florida.

Madison L. Erwin is a fashion writer for AliveTampaBay.


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