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By Krista Lyons, AliveTampaBay Correspondent

Fashion in the fall is one of the trendiest times of year. Gone are the skimpy, sweat-soaked looks of summer. In the fall, you are finally able to bring out your favorite leopard print and patterns. But before you walk out the door in your fall clothes, consider your accessories.

The right accessories can make or break a look, and the right accessories can give you the confidence you need if you are feeling unsure about a certain look you are trying to pull off for the first time. This season, classic accessories are getting an update to give your look an elegant upgrade, according to STYLEdge directors Patty Soltis and Elaine Sweeney.

When considering your first bold accessory, harken back to your days searching through your mother’s jewelry box. Finding a statement brooch can add a polished look to any outfit, taking your laid-back attire to a new level of sophistication.

“Antique or new, sparkly or simple, this accessory has stood the test of time,” says Soltis. “This season, wear the brooch singularly or in dramatic clusters. Either way it will update and enhance your look.”

The trick to finding the perfect brooch is to look for more than just silver or gold. Think of some of the more subtle hues in your outfit and find a brooch that will highlight those hues. A brooch can bring the same pop that your summer statement necklaces brought, with a more sophisticated look.

The brooch is not the only accessory that harkens back to simpler days. This year, the choker necklace (‘90s girls rejoice!) is one of the simplest ways to pull an outfit together. Although this trend does come from the ‘90s, the look has undergone some updates and is shaping up to be one of the hottest looks of the 2016-2017 season — and anyone can wear this look.

“No matter if you have a long swan-like neck or your neck is on the petite side, a choker can work on any women,” says Sweeney. “Keep in mind the width. Chokers pair well with complementing long necklaces to kick the look up one step further.”

Taking your outfit a step further can also come in the form of great shoes. While boots may be your go-to for winter, platform shoes will not only add a classic look to your outfit but will enhance the way you walk and feel. The chunky heel will make you feel more sturdy than walking on regular heels or stilettos. And the effect is just as elegant.

“‘Stomp it Out’ platforms come in all styles of shoes from tennis shoes, wedges, boots and of course heels,” says Soltis. “Platforms add height and enhance the way we walk. This is a must for the season.”

The trick with platforms is to choose a pair that put a modern twist on the classic ‘70s or ‘90s platform. To wear platforms without looking like a Spice Girl, try a pair with textured fabrics like suede paired with a wooden heel. Platforms are also great for special occasions like Thanksgiving or even a wedding.

Once you have chosen the perfect brooch, choker, and platform shoes, complete your fall look with a crossbody bag. Not only is this bag better for your shoulders and neck than a heavy one shoulder bag, but it is also adorable with any outfit.

From an evening bag to a messenger bag, crossbody bags are the “it” handbag right now, according to Sweeney. While crossbody bags may seem a bit intruding for shorter or bustier women, there are different-sized crossbody bags so that women of all shapes and sizes can feel beautiful with their bag.

“Depending on your height and size, find a bag that works for your shape,” says Sweeney. “Dazzle it up or tone it down, but this [bag] is a must.”

One of the great things about crossbody bags is that whether you need a larger messenger bag or if you prefer a smaller bag just for your necessities, you can find them in a variety of sizes. Unlike purses that force you to keep your arm up, you can relax in a crossbody bags and your hands will be left free for more important things (like holding your child’s hand or treating yourself with a latte).

These fall fashion trends are fun and flirty, and you can personalize each one. To learn more about STYLEdge, visit http://styledgefashion.com/.


Patty Soltis and Elaine Sweeney of STYLEdge Fashion.

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