When to Wear Boat Shoes? You Have Questions, We Have the Answers

The Trend Spotter: How to Wear Boat Shoes for Any Occasion

One of the welcome remnants from the men’s nautical trend that graced us a few years ago is the boat shoe. It is something of a footwear chameleon, able to be dressed up or down while sending the message of sophisticated but comfortable. It’s a shoe most likely to be spotted by the hundreds in the members’ section at the cricket, or anywhere Pimm’s is served, although it’s so much more versatile than that.

The modern boat shoe has its roots in the 1930s as a solution to a severe lack of practical footwear for boating. Their inventor found inspiration in his dog’s ability to run along ice without slipping. Today’s boat shoe is more about the style, and given its versatility, should find itself in every man’s wardrobe before summer.

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