What’s in your Wardrobe: Women’s Fall Fashion

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By Krista Lyons, AliveTampaBay Correspondent

As we usher in the fall season, many of us are pulling out our yearly fall pieces. Before you grab your chunky sweaters and blue jeans, there are a few new staple pieces that you will want to add to your autumn wardrobe.

Autumn fashion has always been known for plush and cozy textures. One of the top fabrics that bring a touch of texture this season, according to style experts and STYLEdge Managing Directors Elaine Sweeney and Patty Soltis, is velvet. This is not your grandmother’s velvet, however, and can be incorporated into everything from business wear to special occasions.

“Don’t shy away from this plush, elegant fabric even if you live in warmer climates,” said Sweeney. “Velvet comes in many weights and styles. To incorporate velvet in professional suiting, look for touches of velvet trim and covered buttons.”

Velvet can be incredibly versatile and easy to dress up or dress down because of all of the rich colors. A rich purple, wine-red, or royal blue velvet jacket can add an extra polished look to your outfit that can take you from day to night.

Heading out for a night on the town?

“For any occasion a velvet heel and handbag work too,” said Sweeney.

Another fantastic style this season is tartan. This style made waves in the ‘80s and ‘90s and is experiencing a revival for the fall season.

“What is intriguing about Tartan is that it is by nature very traditional,” said Soltis. “But, it can be translated in a very hip modern updated way. In the ’80s Tartan was big in punk culture and still is today.”

One great way to incorporate tartan into your wardrobe is by pairing a rich red tartan skirt with a light denim button-down for a relaxed look. Tartan jackets are also a great way to bring tartan into your weekend wardrobe.

For the perfect tartan look at work, pair a tan tartan skirt with a simple black sweater and boots. This look is perfect for busy meetings and is cozy as the weather begins to cool down.

With all of the rich fabrics and patterns that fall brings, this is the perfect time to introduce brocade into your wardrobe. The patterned fabrics are a far cry from the florals of spring and add a pop of pattern and color to any outfit. There are such a variety of patterns when it comes to brocade that it is perfect for a night out.

It is easy to dress brocade up or down and is a STYLEdge forever trend, according to Sweeney. “You can go full on brocade or wear touches of this rich fabric,” Sweeney said.

Focus on adding one brocade piece — be it a beautiful bold brocade pencil skirt or a sleek brocade jacket. Introducing this beautiful rich fabric into your wardrobe will make you feel flirty and beautiful. With all of the rich patterns on brocade, make sure to stay away from too much poofing or gathering — this will help keep the look clean and sleek and will help you avoid looking like an upholstered chair.

If you are looking for an edgier style, Sweeney and Soltis recommend menswear for women. The use of masculinity and femininity in this look adds dimension to your overall look.

For this trend, think: sexy tops with slim fitting pants, a blazer or tux-style coat, and your favorite black heels. If you are going to be on your feet, pair the outfit with sleek black lace-up dress shoes or booties.

“Borrowed from the boys, this is one of our STYLEdge favorites that came into its own with Katharine Hepburn and Diane Keaton,” said Soltis. “There is nothing sexier than masculinity incorporated into femininity.”

Of course, some trends stay in style forever — and this season, the trend that Soltis and Sweeney have chosen as their STYLEdge top pick is perfect for women of all ages: animal print. Before you pull out your zebra print skirts, Soltis and Sweeney have advice on the best print for this season.

“For this season, go with leopard print in particular,” said Sweeney. “This is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.”

Not only is leopard print fun and flirty, but it also can bring rich orange and tan colors that are perfect for fall. If you aren’t comfortable going full-leopard, adding a light leopard scarf or handbag is a great way to stay on trend.

To learn more about STYLEdge, visit http://styledgefashion.com/.




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