Mr. President, It’s Time to Compromise

President Biden/Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Commentary by Greg C. Truax airs weekly on WHBO AM 1040.


It’s time for President Biden to negotiate raising the debt limit.

House Republicans, led by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have passed a bill to up the debt limit for one year.  The debt limit needs to be raised so the U.S. government can continue to borrow money to pay its bills.

The reasonable agreement also includes needed spending cuts.  Cuts in spending are a must because the federal debt now totals a whopping $31 trillion.

But Mr. Biden’s press secretary continues to say he won’t negotiate cuts in federal spending when discussing increasing the nation’s debt ceiling. 

The president constantly calls for national unity. He often calls for compromise. But is this just one more instance where his words don’t match his actions?

Greg C. Truax is a documentary filmmaker, news commentator and publisher of AliveTampaBay.

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