Federal Obligations Now Total $122 Trillion, Leading TiKTockers Hit a Billion Views and is ’70s Disco Back?  

Greg C. Truax at WHBO 1040 in downtown Tampa/Photo by AliveTampaBay
Greg C. Truax is the moderator of the OnThePoint, an opinion radio show on NewsTalk 1040 WHBO that streams live on NewsTalkFlorida.com and later the full show is published and archived as a podcast on AliveTampaBay.com.

A variety of topics from the national debt to TikTok influencers were discussed by two guests on the Sept. 21, 2023, OnThePoint radio show.

Leslie A. Rubin, who is based in Clearwater, Florida, is a professional accountant, entrepreneur, and real estate developer. He has a clear understanding of what makes economic systems work, the power of incentives and is the founder of MainStreetEconomics.org.

In the last two segments, David Wheeler, a journalism professor at The University of Tampa, joined Greg in the studio to disucss past, present and emerging social trends.  Dr. Wheeler has been published by The Atlantic, CNN, The New York Times, Newsweek, Columbia Journalism Review, and other outlets.

OnThePoint is a live radio show that airs each Thursday from 3:15 to 4 p.m. on WHBO AM 1040, streams live on NewsTalkFlorida and then as a podcast on AliveTampaBay. Greg C. Truax hosts the opinion show that peels back the layers of social and business issues, dives deep into the currents of politics and explores public policy questions so listeners can “keep the conversation going.”

Leslie A. Rubin
Professor David Wheeler

Greg C. Truax is president of GCTMediaGroup, a film production studio, online magazine publisher, radio show producer, and creator of written and broadcast opinion commentary.

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