The Romance of European Night Trains

Town and Country:  The 10 Best European Night Trains

The advantages of traveling by Europe’s network of overnight sleeper trains are myriad. You awake in the center of your destination, not some distant, airport, an $80-cab-fare away. You save on a hotel room. And let’s not forget the atmosphere and the romance of this fast-fading form of travel.

You can book the itineraries that follow through the individual rail lines, but if you plan to make several train trips, and especially in adjoining countries, simplify your plans by purchasing a Eurail Pass, valid in most of Europe.

Who travels this way? If you’re the sort of person who is happy to buy a bottle of wine and some local cheese at the train station to enjoy on-board, stare transfixed out the window at the rolling countryside, or buy a complete stranger a beer in the café car, you will love Europe’s night trains. All aboard!

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