Saving Etiquette in an Era of Rudeness

On Tuesday, HarperCollins will publish the 19th edition of Post’s famous book: Emily Post’s Etiquette: Manners for Todayupdated by Post’s descendants, including her grandchildren Lizzie and Dan.

With a new edition comes new recommendations. Updated chapters feature advice on social media (“It is definitely okay to actively unfriend someone you no longer feel comfortable being connected with”) and smartphones (“Don’t be upset if your text doesn’t get an immediate response”), and even a section on etiquette in online gaming (“Good-natured trash-talking, cheering and even jeering can be okay if they’re in line with good sportsmanship and the character of the site”).

Laura Miller at Slate writes, “The name ‘Emily Post’ still conjures up images of persnickety debutantes in twinsets and pearls. But Lizzie and Dan are as far from that mold as you could imagine. Like most denizens of Burlington, they have more than a little hippie in them. He studied mime in Paris; she drives around town with her border collie, Benny, on the passenger side and has the fur-coated seat cover to prove it. He resembles a less beaky version of the young John Updike; she is a tall, ebullient woman with a honey-blond mane.”

Read more at Slate.

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