Your Movie Release Schedule for Summer

The New York Times:  Summer Movie Release Schedule 2017

All dates are subject to change.


May 10

THE DROWNING An independent filmmaker with an experimental streak, Bette Gordon (whose credits include “Variety,” the 1983 riff on “Vertigo”) directs this thriller centered on a forensic psychologist (Josh Charles). In the Pat Barker novel “Border Crossing,” on which it’s based, he rescues a young man from suicide, then learns that years earlier he had testified against him as an expert witness. Julia Stiles also stars.

MANIFESTO Those who can’t get enough of Cate Blanchett will find her here playing 13 roles. The words the characters recite are drawn from more than 50 manifestoes — most of them artistic declarations from the 20th century. The film was shown in installation form at the Park Avenue Armory in December and January before heading to Sundance


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