A Warning Label on Coffee?


Editors note:  Dr. David R. Wheeler wrote the article for CNN.

By David R. Wheeler


Holy hazelnut mocha! California has gone off the deep end

Holy hazelnut mocha!  California may now be placing a warning label on coffee.  (I’ll pause while you do a “spit take” involving your caramel frappuccino.)  Before I proceed, a disclosure is in order:  I’m not neutral when it comes to coffee.  In fact, I’m writing this article from my second coffee shop location of the day.  That said, I’m quite certain this decision will backfire more loudly than an antique espresso machine with two broken pumps.

“How did this even happen?” you’re probably asking yourself.


 Dr. David R. Wheeler is a journalism professor at the University of Tampa and is a freelance writer.  His articles have appeared in CNN, The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Republic, The Week and The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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