Wake Up! Grab That Favorite Cup

Wake up!  It's National Coffee Day.

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A colorful print from the Starbucks Collection. The unsigned piece, which is located at the south Tampa store on Bay-to-Bay Blvd., by the company’s in-house design studio “depicts the rolling terraced farms, high mountains, flora and fauna of the Columbia coffee-growing region,” a company spokesman said./Photo by Greg C. Truax for AliveTampaBay (c).

It’s National Coffee Day! Coffee most believe was discovered in the Ethiopian highlands by a goat herder who watched some of his goats eatingberries from a specific tree. A drink was made with the barries at a local monastery. Word then spread about the energizing effects of the drink.

According to Community Coffee Company, “As word spread east and reached the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabic people began to cultivate and trade coffee. They also began the tradition of public coffee consumption at “coffee houses” in cities across the Near East. The popularity of the coffee houses boomed, and people began to frequent them for all kinds of social activities from engaging in conversations to listening to music, watching performances and keeping current on the day’s news.

The coffee houses became such an important meeting place that they were often referred to as “Schools of the Wise.” From there, coffee spread across Europe and then to the United States, becoming the wildly popular drink that it is today.”

So today, check out local news sources as many coffee shops are offering special free cups of this most popular beveraage.

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