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By Krista Lyons, AliveTampaBay Correspondent

If you are anything like me, you spend the bulk of your year looking forward to summer vacation. It doesn’t matter if it is one week away to rejuvenate or one weekend away at the beach — summer is the best time of year to plan a getaway. Whether you plan to jet-set this summer or you’re planning more of a stay-cation, your style sets an important tone for your time off.

When I’m on vacation I always want a special new outfit that makes me feel beautiful,” says StylEdge Managing Partner Elaine Sweeney. “It’s a good idea to think the outfit through in advance so you can purchase new pieces and have time for alterations.”

Just as not all vacations are identical, what you pack in your suitcase for each location should not be identical. So pick you destination and prepare to pack your bags!

Tropical Paradise

If you are heading to a tropical paradise on your summer vacation, last year’s sarongs and flip flops won’t cut it any more.

When it comes to vacation, the first thing that we all think about in the tropics is color,” says Patty Soltis, Managing Partner of StylEdge Fashion. “This is the best time to add bold color whether it is in graphic prints, bold stripes or bright florals — all trends for the summer season.”

Experiment with fun, bright patterns that you may otherwise avoid. You can use these patterns as cover-ups for your swimsuit or as part of your evening look.

When thinking of fabrics to pack for your tropical adventure, think light and airy, especially in regard to patterns and floral fabrics. “The added bonus to this is that is shows the wrinkles less than solids,” says Soltis. Cotton sundresses are perfect for packing, because they are easy to de-wrinkle and will keep the tropical heat at bay.

No matter what color you choose for your tropical paradise vacation wear, don’t forget your accessories. Soltis notes: “Think about adding a splash of color with an accessories such as a colorful shoe, bright handbag or layer of bangles to your wardrobe.”

European Adventures

Summer in Europe is full of adventures. You may have chosen a romantic city, like Paris, to spend your vacation in, or you may be wandering the Emerald Isle or trekking through the streets of Italy or Budapest. No matter what your destination, Europe’s journeys will lend themselves to a much more flexible wardrobe.

“This season go with a dramatic statement sleeve (always makes me feel glamorous) and or the color hot pink…you can’t go wrong,” says Sweeney.

Where you may have packed a suitcase full of sundresses for a tropical vacation, the styles of Europe are a bit more subtle. Stick with a hat and graphic tee-shirt tucked into comfortable jeans for long days meandering through museums. For spending days on European beaches, remember to pack a hat for sun protection and a long, soft cover up to keep you warm when the sun goes down.

For the cooler nights, be sure to pack a comfortable sweater or a long comfortable patterned skirt. The plus to a longer patterned skirt is that not only can you pair it with heels, boots, flats, or flip-flops, but wrinkles will also fall out of the fabric more easily. Long skirts with a simple top work well in city settings or if you are spending time near a lake or in the Mediterranean.

Namaste Comfy

If you are heading to a beautiful spot with yoga and a restful retreat in mind, mix comfort and style without only packing yoga pants to wear every day. Stick to the beautiful, rich fabrics that lend themselves to flowy tops for your day-wear. Tribal patterns and rich, colorful fabrics are perfect for stretching in style.

Pair a hat for sun protection and an over-the shoulder mini-backpack and you will be ready to hike to a serene spot that is perfect for yoga and meditation. These styles are especially perfect for a trip to the mountains, the rain forest, and any other quiet retreat you plan.


So, you have decided to stay home and get some relaxing done in your own backyard — that doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to pajama pants and slippers! The stay-cation still needs style.

Staycations or spending time in places you normally visit, like a family cabin on a lake or at one of the Tampa Bay area’s  beautiful beaches are the perfect place to bust out your most reliable trends. Yes, I am talking about cut-off jeans and lacy dresses.

Pair your favorite cut-offs with a pair of strappy sandals to jazz up the look. You can never go wrong with a plain white tee-shirt and a statement necklace during the staycation as well. Since you don’t have to pack your bags, you can go crazy with stay-cation styles and combine fun patterns with sundresses, hats, and sandals. Each day you can choose a new style theme.

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