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Editor’s Note: Joe Registrato’s After The Morning After column is Joe’s way of saluting and remembering Tom McEwen, the late, great Sports Editor of The Tampa Tribune, whose Morning After column was a staple of the original Tribune for more than 30 years.


Give Him the Nukes?

By Joe Registrato, AliveTampaBay Contributing Editor

It appears to me that Mr. Trump, finding himself falling precipitously in the polls, has spiraled into a kind of mental free-fall.


Great and Not So Great

People running for office are always making promises.

By Joe Registrato, AliveTampaBay.com Contributing Editor


Weekend Fiction: “White Tornadoes”

“Do you think it’s possible that you can not mention your wife or refer to her in any way whatsoever for five minutes? A lousy five minutes? I just want five minutes without hearing about her.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.” “So you think of her even when you’re not thinking of her?” “I said I’m sorry.” “You didn’t answer me. You think of her when you’re not thinking of her?” “I’m not thinking of her, Julia. I’m thinking how incredibly disastrous, horrible, impossible it would be if we are found out.” “How would that happen, Joseph?” “The night has

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