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Sunday Evening on the Florida Suncoast

 Daylight Saving Time ended on Sunday,  so the end-of-the weekend sunset arrived at 5:44 p.m. on  Pass-a-Grille Beach, capturing what it means to live on the Florida Suncoast. 
Photo by Greg C. Truax for AliveTampaBay


On the Florida Suncoast

A winding path through sea grapes and sea oats leads to a Suncoast sunset on Pass-a-Grille Beach.
Photo by AliveTampaBay.com


Headed to the Beach? Take these Reads with You

Now that summer is officially here, you can start living your best warm-weather life with a montage of blockbuster movies, hot dogs, poolside tanning, and, of course, a breezy beach read. Here, a selection of surfing memoirs, marriage thrillers, spy novels, and even a few classics that will surely keep you entertained—whether you find yourself by the pool or shore. — Vogue
Photo: Pass-a-Gri

Dinner Under the Stars

At Pass-a-Grille, The Beach Goes Pops

The 26th annual Beach Goes Pops on historic Pass-a-Grille Beach is set for April 8-9. Sit back, relax and enjoy two beautiful evenings of surf, sand and music on one of Florida’s beautiful and picturesque beaches. For more information go to http://www.beachgoespops.com/

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